As a messenger

Lacquerware has been used as a folk tool and has been alive for thousands of years to connected with the Japanese life.
Hikoju Makie incorporates contemporary senses and humor into their work. It is a very good way to connect important thoughts left by the ancestors to the future.

Hikoju Makie discovered the identity and ethnicity of Japanese identity through folk philosophy, classical literature, and the wisdom and thoughts of daily life, and connected the art of lacquer to arts as the role of messenger, also is an innovator that opens up of lacquer art to a new dimension.
The works that shine for hundreds of years that we want to retain for future generations will be embodied by the division of labor of lacquer artisans.

Lacquer for the future

At Hikoju Makie, we are taking various measures to ensure that lacquer art will be handed down in later generations. As a part of lacquer enlightenment activities, create next-generation demand by collaborating with different materials and different industries, such as bamboo, porcelain, animation, etc. We are also engaged in the “Urushi Tree Planting Regeneration Project” to make Sustainable.


2004 Started activities as “Hikoju Makie”
2005 Held the group exhibition at the Pola Museum of Art Ginza.
“Temple Bell, Ju-kogo, Bronze Bell, Eternal Bell” was owned by the Lacquer Museum in Germany.
2006 “White Penetration Coating, macchawan, Fuji” purchased by the Lacquer Museum in Germany.
2007 “Lacquer Art Frame, Modified Coating, Rokujoh no Miyasudokoro” purchased by Victoria and Albert Museum, UK.
2008 Held the exhibition “Mere Shadow, Lost in the dark of Izumi Kyouka” at Gallery Kakitsubata Japan.
2010 “Cllacqueratuon” exhibition at the Japanese embassy, UK.
2013 “Jakuchu of the price collection” exhibition Tanabe Shochiku & Hikoju Makie.
Exhibited and held a workshop at Tainan City Cultural Festival, Taiwan.
2014 “Hikoju Makie Exhibition” at Gallery 27 in London, and lead a workshop at Asian Art in London. (Participated every year since 2008)
“Maki-e-The Beauty of Gold Japanese Lacquer” exhibition at the Bahrain National Museum.
The encounter leads the future of the crafts- “Fusion Crafts” exhibition
Awarded the Japan Ishikawa International Urushi Exhibition 2014 Grand Prize- “Rhinoceros Offertory Box”
Appointed to be a Japan Cultural Envoy by the Agency of Cultural Affairs and took part in cultural exchange exhibitions and lectures in the United Kingdom, France and China in 2014.
2015 Awarded the Japan Ishikawa Design Prize for the “Rhinoceros Offertory Box”
“The beauty of life” Collaboration Exhibiton, Arita-ware Hayama Yuki × Hikoju Makie
“Kukai and Mt.Kouyasan for 1200 years” Collaboration Exhibiton, Bamboo Art Tanabe Shochiku × Hikoju Makie
Participated Wajima Museum of Urushi Art “The world of Urushi and Ghost”
Participated Ukraine, the Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko National Museum of Arts “The Beauty of Japanese Lacquer and Netsuke”
2016 “The Art of Takashi Wakamiya ~ Contemporary Japanese Lacquer” in University Museum and Art Gallery The University of Hong Kong
“HIKOJU MAKIE-The Art of Takashi Wakamiya~ Contemporary Japanese Makie” in The Mayor’s Residence Art Salon of Taipei Taiwan
“Crafting Integrate Exhibition” with 7 Artist―A story of a hermit crab on a journey―
2017 “Exceptional exhibition of Japanese Lacquer” in Hong Kong International Antiques Fair 2017
HIKOJU MAKIE Exhibition ~ Featuring Miwa Komatsu
2018 “Lacquer Friends of the World ~ A Memorial Exhibition for Dr. Monika Kopplin” in Museum fur Lackkunst
2019 China Hubei Museum of Art “2019 Hubei International Lacquer Art Biennale”
2020 Lacquer Art installation production “Nature of Hokkaido” in Portom International Hokkaido Hote
Exhibited at “Modern Tenmoku-Tradition and Creation” at The Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka
Exhibited at “Art in Life, LIFE and BEAUTY” Suntory Museum of Art Renewal Open Exhibition, Tokyo