Yoshio Nishihata

西端 良雄

Wooden bowl

Born in Wajima. After graduating from high school, he devotes himself to the production of wooden bowls, studies the possibilities of all types of bare wood, and puts himself in the best form of making bare wood. The person he respect is Mother Teresa.

Shiori Sasaki

佐々木 栞


Born in Akita. Contrary to the appearance that is blonde and white skin, she treats a carving chisel with her boldness and concentration. Her hobbies include collecting game of go and antique art.

Haruka Oomori

大森 晴香


The youngest lacquer artist in Wajima. A valuable human resource who succeeds to her father who is good at modeling lacquer work. Her favorite word is Ome Tori.

Osamu Yanagisawa

柳沢 修


Born in Ooka Village, Sarashina District, Nagano Prefecture. He is the leading person in the technique of Hyoumon and Raden, the typical pattern in the universe, also is the elder of Hikoju Makie who has a wealth of knowledge. His favorite word is Syu(守)-traditional wisdom, Ha(破)-breaking with tradition, LI(離)-transcendence.

Masahiro Yamada

山田 満佐博


Born in Suzu City. Anyway, the hands are dexterous, and his Kaitogi-Makie skill is one of the top in the world. His favorite word is “A young idler, an old beggar”. His hobby is DIY(Do it yourself).

Ayano Konishi

小西 紋野


Born in Tachikawa, Tokyo. A makie artist with an outstanding sense of color and balance, she is also a violin player born in the music family. The person she respect is her father, Norio Fukushi.v

Kei Ikuta

生田 圭


Born in Kyoto. A hard worker, she fulfills all of Wakamiya’s difficult orders. A reliable new generation of groundwork craftsmen. She is also the designer of Hikoju Makie. The person she admire is singer Ringo Shiina.

Kazuhiko Miyakoshi

宮腰 和彦


Born in Wajima. A veteran groundworker who has been working on Wajima’s Honkataji-coat for 40 years. The spectacular spatula overwhelms the viewer.


高 禎蓮

Marketing Designer & Manager

Born in Taipei, Taiwan. Disseminate the charm of lacquer art with the international sensation cultivated. She has a strong background in Japanese culture and prefers tea ceremony and literary tea.